This style guide is deprecated. Please see the revised style guide instead.



Tipsy is a type of guider which allows a small dialog anchored to an interface element with text, images, or controls. Tipsy controls can be anchored top, left, bottom, or right, and can wait for user input within the dialog or input in the interface before changing states or content.

Acceptable Modifiers : Intention

Styled tooltips

Similar to Tipsy, styled tooltips provide additional feedback to the user on focus or hover over a control or other screen element. They contain only text labels and the user cannot interact with them.

Acceptable Modifiers : Intention


Toasters are small messages that pop up from the screen bottom or screen to show the user a confirmation of their actions. Use a toaster to show a confirmation but you don’t want to disturb the layout of the page. Toasters are most commonly informative and dismiss automatically after a few seconds, however a toaster can display an undo-like action to revert the action that triggered it.

Acceptable Modifiers : Intention